Thursday, September 09, 2010

Shukar Collective - Oh Girl

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Shukar Collective is a Romanian group wich fuses traditional Romanes and electronic music. The collective was formed by Dj Vasile and Dan Handrabur(Dreamdoktor) and Shukar Grup - Tamango, Classic and Napoleon.In 2010, the group was the subject of an HBO documentary.
Shukar Collective participated at Brighton Fringe Festival on the 2nd of may 2010, a day after their concert in the Brixton neighborhood, London, where the electro-pop clubs are always full. This mini-tour was done with the help and support of The Romanian Cultural Institute, from London.

Genre - Electronic, Down-tempo.

I do not know how this music will affect our Blog in the future, and ofcourse i'm saying this because they are gypsyes, but i would like to see that you will let your rasist preconceived ideas and just listen this with your soul. Think first, then act.


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